This beautiful city, known as Lisboa by locals, successfully manages to blend the traditional way of life with a lively cosmopolitan vibe. The city has become a top European holiday destination in recent years and is now a hub for digital nomads with an exciting tech startup scene.

With friendly locals, delicious food, superb weather, beautiful architecture, charming backstreets and breathtaking views, what else could you want?! The beach is a short ride away on public transport but for those who must live near water, there’s the River Tagus where long leisurely riverside walks can be enjoyed throughout the year.

The digital nomad and expat scene is thriving with more and more young people choosing to base themselves in Lisbon as they soak up the near year-round sun and enjoy a better quality of life. It’s easy to get work done with the number of co-working spaces and cafes dotted around the city and the fast broadband is a dream come true for many.

But don’t think you’ll be staring at your computer screen all day, Lisbon leads people to a healthier outdoor lifestyle due to its great weather and relaxed atmosphere – Think long leisurely lunches dining on fresh produce, walks in the park, jogging by the river, swimming in the warm Atlantic ocean, hiking, cycling, surfing… There’s no excuse not to get fit and explore the great outdoors at the same time.

Those who appreciate history will be intrigued to learn that Lisbon was ruled by the Romans, Germans, and Arabs before being conquered by the Portuguese in 1147. Whilst those who appreciate the arts will be thrilled to learn that the city hosts multiple events and festivals throughout the year, many of them free.

At night the city comes alive with bars and clubs nestled into every space imaginable from the parks and the riverfront to car park rooftops! Foodies will be able to indulge in the growing food scene as they sample traditional Portuguese dishes, modern Portuguese cooking and flavours from around the world cooked to perfection. On the subject of food, we mustn’t forget the excellent local wine that you can enjoy whilst watching the sunset over this picturesque city.

Best time to travel to Lisbon

Lisbon is one of the sunniest cities in Europe enjoying a Mediterranean climate with mild but wet winters and warm dry summers. A refreshing sea breeze keeps the city comfortable through the long Summer whilst snow in Winter isn’t just a rarity, it’s a phenonium! If you’re someone who feels the cold, Lisbon is the perfect European destination for you to warm your bones! There’s no wrong time to visit Lisbon but late September until early October or late April until Early May ensures the nicest weather without the swarms of tourists.

January-February: Winters are mild compared with the rest of Europe, snow being a very rare event but January is still the coldest month with locals wrapping up warm in Winter coats. There’s not much happening in terms of events and festivals after New Year celebrations but this keeps the city relatively peaceful. Expect some wet and windy days and some bright days too. In February, though the wind and rain continues, Spring starts to appear with blossom appearing on trees and temperatures gradually rising at the end of the month.

March-May: Rain is possible until mid-April but rainy days aside, Spring is a beautiful time to be in Lisbon with warm daytime temperatures and not too many people. Sunscreen is needed from April onward as the temperatures rise daily and the tourist season begins with the occasional thunderstorm happening in May. From March onward the city comes alive with festivals and events such as Lisbon’s Half Marathon and Lisboa Dance Festival.

June-August: Summer is now in full-swing with the city experiencing its highest temperatures and tourist numbers in July and August. Thankfully the sea breeze stops the city from becoming unbearably hot unlike other parts of Europe. Festivals and events take place almost every day starting with the Feast of St. Anthony and an array of musical festivals taking place throughout July including the Festival ao Largo which brings classical music, opera, and ballet to the city in a number of free events.

September-October: In September, it still feels like Summer to most people though a sweater is likely needed to keep the chilly nights comfortable. People are still able to enjoy beach days and swimming in the sea, the weather becoming less settled from mid-October. MotelX; Lisbon’s Horror Film Festival takes place in September as does Happy Holi – A spectacle of fun and colour not to be missed! In October Lisbon’s Fashion Week and the French Film Festival take place.

November-December: November is generally the wettest month in Lisbon but if you can dodge the rain many people are still able to enjoy some beach days, especially early in the month. In December you can notice a crispness to the air but it’s cool rather than cold. In November the popular Web Summit takes place which draws in many entrepreneurs, tech leaders and digital nomads. There are also more film and music festivals before December arrives and Christmas festivities take over with Christmas markets and Christmas carols.

Tal Gur has been a world traveler, location independent entrepreneur, and digital nomad for more than 10 years. An adventurer at heart, after trading his daily grind for a life of his own daring design, Tal spent a decade pursuing 100 major life goals around the globe.
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