Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the primary benefits?

In a single sentence, the primary benefits include undergoing a profound personal transformation, elevating to your next level, and actualizing your potential.

Picture dedicating an entire year to your personal and professional growth, with personal support and guidance from an experienced professional. Someone who is there to push you, challenge you, empower you, and help you stay on track during the challenging times of your journey.

Breakthroughs will be made, dreams will be realized, and most importantly, a deep personal transformation will occur. You’ll become a person of achievement at the very core of your being.

I will provide a full year of coaching, support, feedback, and accountability using a proven process that will get you actually doing what needs to be done to achieve the results you’ve been dreaming of.

This will be the year you finally elevate things to the next level.

Q: What’s included?

The Elevate Year journey includes:

1. Yearlong One-On-One sessions (60min) — one every week – During these sessions, we will explore your inner landscape and dive deeply into making your biggest dreams a reality. I will provide feedback, guidance, explore limiting beliefs (as they arise), share processes, resources, and anything else to ensure you elevate in the most important areas of your life.

2. Weekly self-exploration and transformational exercises to help you elevate in all key areas of life, plus multiple 21-day challenges to bring about significant transformations. We’ll explore topics such as manifesting big goals, instilling supportive habits, changing beliefs, shaping identity, evolving your character, transforming fear, integrating shadows, reprogramming the subconscious, making aligned decisions, internalizing abundance and wealth creation, investing wisely, taking worthy risks, handling failure, reaching peak performance (and peak renewal), creating from alignment, making a wise impact, connecting with others powerfully, becoming a better giver and receiver, and elevating leadership.

3. Quarterly planning intensive — This will be a longer session and will include reflection, alignment, and big-picture planning.

4. Ongoing Feedback, Support, Strategies, Processes, and Accountability Check-ins via Email + Direct contact via WhatsApp (you’ll have my personal number) + a shared Google Drive to ensure momentum is never lost.

Q: What is the cost?

While my coaching fee has increased over the years, I’ve decided to approach this offering a little differently.

Instead of me setting the monthly price, I’m leaving it up to YOU to decide how much you are willing to invest—in the program and in yourself.

How much you’re willing to invest is only one of the determining factors. The other (just as important) factor is commitment. Commitment to your dreams, to the process, to actionable steps, and most importantly, to the willingness to do it continuously for the next 12 months.

Q: When’s the last day to apply?

Because I can’t support everyone, I’m going to select only 5 individuals who will have the opportunity to work with me individually for a whole year. I’m planning to make decisions soon so it’s best to apply now. The application should not take more than a few minutes to fill out.

Q: How to apply?

Simply fill out this quick form. You shall hear back from me promptly after I review your filled form. If we’re a good fit, I will schedule a free 20min consult with you, as well as answer any questions you may have. I’ll then send you a quick pre-mentorship questionnaire and based on availability, how much you’re willing to invest in yourself, your Big Why, and your overall commitment, I’ll let you know if you’re IN.

Q: Can I get more information?

You can get more information, as well as read and watch previous testimonials, here.

Here’s to your elevated year,

– Tal Gur
Founder, Elevate Society
Author of The Art of Fully Living